Alien Love [EP]

by Fudakochi

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Singer/Songwriter/Producer Fudakochi Ambassador to Soulternative Planet brings you the sound from his home planet “Alien Love [EP]”, has created an extremely organic and moving body of work. Fudakochi brings back the idea of the concept project with shear brilliance as he takes you on a musical journey through love, space and time. He tells the story of lost love and his journey to recover his soul mate and his child. This search is taking place simultaneously as he is defending his planet, Soulternative, from being destroyed. The planet Soulternative is at war and it’s during this time of turmoil that his space odyssey begins. The “Alien Love [EP]” is the catalyst of a 3 part epic musical adventure. Get your hearts, minds and ears prepared for the Soulternative Trilogy, which will be delivered via 3 separate concept [EP] releases. Each [EP], “Alien Love”, “Lotus” and “Welcome to Soulternative” will reveal more to the story in a timeline of events.


released February 14, 2012

All Songs where Written, Produced & Performed by Fudakochi



all rights reserved


Fudakochi Miami, Florida

From the planet of Soulternative Fudakochi land here on earth. Recording his album EP's He found himself in love and lost looking for his wife and child. The war started in Soulternative however the war ended but is wife and child went missing. The love that he has for them has led him to earth in search of the loves. He allied with some earthlings in the search in hope of finding them ... more

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Track Name: "Hello World"
Hello World

Hello World.. I come from the land of Soulternative

On my planet we where planet we wear purple
We like tree and things that fly
We live free, No politics and games to play under skin
(Ahhh, Ahhh)
I come in peace but if you try to cross me I’m do what I do yeah.
I’m free, so real everything is so very okay.

Hello World (3x)

Everyday is hustle we get down we could do the best things that we normally do
But life on this purple planet is beautiful thing people live and they persues
Living life on this planet gets hard sometimes but we so what me must..
Everything is alright
So earthlings I say Hello.....

Hello World(2x)

Im here to say......
Track Name: Have You Seen Her?
Have you seen her
She about 5’8 in human size
A beautiful avatar
Have you seen her
She has big brown eyes looking just like me
She carrying a child, the child is about 9 months old
Have you seen them
I been looking for them since soulternative


Have you seen her her
Track Name: Alien Love
Alien Love: Lyrics & Music By Fudakochi

Met when we where kids
We loved each other
Always and forever Yeah Oh
We walk around happy
Even though not together
We had loves before
Held us by a chain
So we fought Love
Together we should be
For no one cant compare free at last
Love together now
Never let it go
Until one day
Yeah, we made love until
The rise of the purple sun
As I plant my seed

Beautiful baby girl
We she has our eyes, nose
Little feet
Beautiful as they come
Love was in air
Until I broke her heart
She took her away
And she lift me yeah
I didn’t mean to brake her heart
So I come to earth in peace
Have you seen her

Have you seen her
She beautiful big brown eyes
Beautiful full lips
I miss kissing them
Beautiful round nose
Baby come home, Baby come home
Baby come home yeah
Alien Love, Alien Love,Alien Love (5x)
I want you to come home
You are, you are
If you see tell her
She is the square root of me
I can’t nothing with out her
She is the love of my life
Track Name: Between Love, Space,& Time
I--- will find peace within
Between space and time
I will find my inter soul
Between I will scream and say hello

Between and time
I’ll find you, I’ll find you
Between the woods
I’ll find you, I’ll find her

I’ll scream ah-ooooo 2x
In the name of love
What happen here
I’ll scream ah-ooooo

And I find her between Love,Space &Time
Track Name: Don't Go
Don't Go

We been to though every planetary system to find you

I miss your smile
I miss your laughter
You are the imp
Of what love should
It was time
Never can go
Back from our planet
Please don’t say goodbye
Don’t say goodbye now

Don’t Go now, now

I want you here with me
I need you here with me
Holding my hand though soulternative
You are joy
You bring peace
Don’t go


Brake to Vamp

I will find you and every planet you will see....
you the love of my life
for we are who we are
my love
please don’t go now...